a little about me

Hi my name is Michelle, I am the owner of Activefitwithmichelle and am a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer, also holding a Level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification.

Four years ago I felt I needed a change. I had gained weight and felt unhappy with my appearance. I couldn't get to grips with any sort of diet and had very little energy. Alongside this I was also dealing with Fibromyalgia and
feeling very down.
One evening I decided enough was enough and I signed myself and my husband Ray up to an outdoor bootcamp, and within one week we were hooked. It was the most amazing experience and very quickly we had found the ' fitness bug', not only taking part in Bootcamp sessions but also signing up for other events such as Half Marathons, Obstacle courses and taking part in charity based events such as 100 squats a day, 250 push-ups a day and challenging ourselves to get PB's on our weightlifting. This all had a positive effect on my mental wellbeing.

I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to take the decision to commit to exercise and healthy eating, and even as a Personal Trainer - even I slip up at times and allow the chocolate to creep in or skip a training session- however I want to help and inspire others to "Be stronger than your excuses", to push through when they think the cant go any further, to have faith that they can make changes and that they can achieve what they want.

I will be there to help and support every step of the way throughout any training sessions that I put on- whether that be my Bootcamps, personal Training sessions or online workouts. I promise to be the trainer who they know will support, encourage and congratulate every step of the way.

I suffer from Fibromyalgia, as mentioned above, and I know how this horrid condition can hinder people -as do a wide range of medical conditions- however I want to encourage people to challenge themselves and be pro-active in seeking activities that are beneficial to their wellbeing and that they enjoy- whatever their circumstance. Whilst the aim is to challenge people this must be done in a safe controlled way, seeking medical advice and clearance where necessary before undertaking any of my classes

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