Myself and my husband Ray take part in some charity work each year for Crohns and Colitis UK.
In 2019, we ran a minimum of 5k everyday throughout January, In 2021 we tackled St catherines hill whilst carrying a 20kg sandbag on our backs- 133 times up and 133 times down ...and in 2022 we have something even bigger planned.

In the summer of 2022 ( dates TBC but will take place in August), we will be taking on our biggest challenge yet and that will be to pull a car, the distance of a half marathon arounf Thruxton Race Circuit.

This will test us to our limits once again, and will involve plenty of training in the run up to it.  

We have been lucky enough to have Eastleigh Football Club allowing us to use there car park to train in and have a few other companies working alongside us ( stay tune don more information regarding this)

Our plan will be to invite everyone along to come and watch us on this day- so hopefully you can all join us as we take part in our next insane challenge to raise funds for Crohns and Colitis UK